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Don’t Hold Back Your Skin Allergy In Summer.

Nowadays Allergies has become a regular problem for everybody. Due to dust, pollution and other toxic items we get prone to allergies and in summer this problem increase to a great extent because of which we suffer lots of skin problems.

In this situation its becomes important to take care of the skin as we all know that summer has started in this harsh weather there are several allergy for which we should take care of ourselves so that we don’t get any kind of painful skin allergy

The Most Common Skin Problems In Summer

  1. Sunburn whenever we step out of our house the sun rays contains Ultra Violet rays which is very harmful to our skin as it burn our skin and if we get direct exposed to it for a long time then the result can be destructive like-
  • Like our skin can get tanned
  • A permanent redden skin
  • Blisters on skin
  • In many cases patients starts oozing.

You must have experienced that is you visit any sea beech where you get a good amount of exposer to the sun then your skin gets burnt or tanned in the same way if your atmosphere has a continental type of climate and there is too much heat and scorching rays of sun it will too burn your skin in the same way.

The most important when you go out for a daily drive in sun it takes a lot time to reach our destination due to traffic and other reasons and we think we won’t be effected as we keep our car Ac on but it’s a wrong perception as the burning effect on our skin is not because of heat but due to Ultra Violet rays.

There for the light entering inside your car is harmful and may cause damage to your skin therefore it is important that whenever you go for a drive though you put your Ac on chilling mode still use full sleeved clothes

  1. Prickly heat is the second problem that most people suffer or the experience of small size blisters the main reason of its occurrence is due to sweat.

Whenever our sweat gland starts its real function that is to keep our body cool in hot season it comes out with salt and a long time deposition of salt on our skin gives us those small itching blisters on our entire body which is very itchy and disturbing.

And the treatment for this problem is prevention in which we suggest bathing 2 times a day to drain out the salt deposition from our body and use cotton cloths so the sweat can easily get absorbed and keep your body cool. Never use any kind of synthetic cloth as it doesn’t allow the sweat to evaporate and makes you feel uneasy and result in the more occurrence of prickly heat  you can also check this blog –8 skin care tips and tricks for Harsh summer 

  1. Uneasy summer Third problem faced by people are irritation, itching, rashes in gonads, under arms, waists this problem occurs due to the fungal activity on our skin due to the deposition of sweat. This fungus arrives on our body from air water and some already stays on our skin.for more information you can check out our other blogs like How to protect yourself from allergies during summer
    By receiving water and minerals from our skin the fungus starts growing fast and cause damage to our skin. Due to which we suffer from many rashes, itchiness, skin shading, scaly skin. In this case we need to get treated by our doctors because it important to categories the fungus and application of specific medicine to kill the fungus.

But to prevent it the steps we can take is to bath with soap at least two times a day so that the spores gets washed off and doesn’t grow further

So in summer if you ware full sleeves cloths, take bath at least two times a day, use cotton cloths, try to avoid sweat and use small things such as material of cloths wear sunglasses while going out then congratulation you will not get affected to any kind of skin diseases and you will not need to take advice from doctor.

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