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How to protect yourself from allergies during summer

Many people associate allergies with spring but allergies can be a problem for people in any month of the year. In the summer season is no exception

Summer season allergies can be caused by seasonal outdoor culprits or due or due to the presence of indoor allergens

Two of the most common causes of summer allergies are due to the presence of pollen and molds depending upon your locality you may get exposed to variety of different pollens.

Actually trees use to pollinate during spring but grasses and weeds still pollinates and due to which the pollen allergies exists throughout the summer month.

Apart from the pollen, high levels of airborne mold spores are common occurrence during the summer month.

Outdoors worm and moist condition can be conductive for elevated mold spore counts, which can be an issue for people working and enjoying outside

These mold spores can also make their way indoors through open windows and doors and even on people cloths and hair.

People who are allergic of molds should also inspect their home for the possible of mold growing indoors.

Molds can grow very quickly on many materials in our home school and offices when temperature is warm and moisture is present, any part of building that has suffered water damage or elevated humidity levels could be the source of indoor mold growth.

Even molds can grow many untouched areas where human can’t visit like attic, basement or any wall cavity can cause indoor air quality problems.

Dusts Mites (a microscopic organism) can serve as another common indoor allergen during the summer months these tiny creatures thrive during this time of the year due to the warm and humid condition.

Even in certain fruits and vegetables enjoy during the months can cause allergic reaction <aural allergy syndrome> also refer to as pollen food syndrome occurs when proteins from these foods cross react with pollen

The presence of ground level ozone in many areas during the hot summer months can also exacerbate allergy symptoms as even relatively low levels of this pollutant can cause health effects in sensitive individuals.

This was all about allergies , so how to prevent them so that you are safe because though allergies is our own body mechanism default and it doesn’t cause much damage except the chronic ones  but still they are very much painful and irritating.

So in order to prevent yourself from allergies we should wear musk if you go outside epically 5am – 9 am because it’s the high time for the molds and grass to pollinate and burst its spores.

Change your clothes and shoes after returning from outside and take bath especially wash your hairs in order to get rid of the pollen and spores this may prevent the main cause of allergy.

Keep doors and windows shut in order to avoid the entrances of any particles and keep your room clean; these are definitely going to help you.

And last but not the least have a visit to your doctor immediately if such allergic symptoms are seen to identify and cure your symptoms.

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