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8 Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Harsh Summer

Summers are the season of joy, watery fruits and beautiful flower. Many people love this season for its glorious views and different kinds of dresses we wear in this season but is this seasons well for skin?

Well answer is definitely No, because our skin is one of the soft parts of our body and Fluctuation in the weather affects the skin badly which makes the skin dull and rough. Especially harsh summer not only tans the skin but also causes the pores of to get clogged because of excessive sweating summers and summer dust.

Therefore we have brought some basic home remedies to get a maintained skin in summer-

  • In summer we all have excessive production of oil in our skin, thought the result depends on your skin type that is dry or oily. Based upon that if you have oily skin then is might be a problem for you which you can take care by washing your face for several times a day and apply ice on your face. And for dry skin too oiling is not much problem but you should wash your skin and face after an interval.
  • Applying anti-aging creams. It is a myth that anti-aging creams should be applied by peoples who has wrinkles on face, rather it is for every one because in summer we rub our face several times due to many reasons and these anti-aging creams helps us in avoiding wrinkles due to rubbing.
  • In summer tanning of skin is one of the biggest problem, therefore to avoid it one should use Sunscreen lotions before going out in sun. But one should make sure to choose the right SPF because it varies I range of 5-10-40 and depends as per your requirement and exposure in sun.
  • Cleansing of your skin is very important thing you should do in summer because in summer dust particles gets clogged in our skin pours which makes our skin dull and rough,
  • Apart from all these you should apply tonner on your skin because in summer dehydration is one of the major problems that we suffer from where as tonner makes our skin hydrated and gives us a glowing skin
  • Drink green tea in summer to maintain your skin as green tea contains many essential minerals and vitamin to support and protect your skin
  • Drink a lot amount of water as much one can in order to moisturize and keep your skin hydrated an avoid any kind of diseases and disorders in your skin
  • Apply of curd, fruits and milk cream are beneficial for skin as these applicants act as moisturizes and hydrators.

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