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6 Unexpected Side Effects of Allergies- If you don’t get checked with Doctors

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Allergy is the hypersensitive reactions of our body which happens due to unnecessary trigger of our immune system.

It is indeed quite pain full but few people don’t like to go for a checkup in case of minor allergies.

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Therefore in this Blog I am going to talk about things might happen if you don’t go for a checkup although you have a minor allergy.

·       Allergy as a wide range subject- Allergies is a wide ranged subject there are millions of allergens present in our environment it is important to know your allergen to get a proper treatment for that particular allergen.

Though you can follow 8 Food that can help you to fight against Allergies or  7 Tips to Protect Yourself from Allergy Season  but after knowing your allergen type otherwise the effects might not be favorable.

·        Ignorance of allergic symptoms-Many times minor allergies are ignored by people but the fact is once your immune system gets triggered by anything and your immune system feels the arrival of same agent the second time our immune system produces more amount of antigens and histamine from the first time which may weaken your body and you may get effected to a chronic fever

·       Destructive effects of allergies-Few allergies have very destructive natures and the person affected to such allergies may get affected to cancer or unrecoverable syndromes in the end.

·       Avoid self-treatment-Many times people instead of going to doctors for proper treatment use painkillers, anti-itching lotions and medicines to avoid the symptoms but the problem is that these medicines won’t help you much because they have effects for short term on our body.

Rather you may use anti-histamine tablets but that too after recommendation only to fit your requirement.

·       Confusion between normal symptoms and allergic symptoms-People with some pollen or some microscopic allergies has a symptoms like running nose, red eyes , coughing and sneezing and these allergies are easily misunderstood by normal cough and cold , to understand that  you can check 7 Secret Remedies to fight Spring Pollen Allergies or How to protect yourself from allergies during summer but should avoid taking normal cough and cold medicine in case of such allergies.

  • Delay checkup-Talking about skin allergies there are many dermal problems which occurs in our body about 90% of them occurs due to Allergy but very few people visits to the doctors. Yes they visits but after the case has taken its worse stage therefore we should avoid delay and get our checkup done within time

If you feel any symptoms which you are suspicious of being an allergy you should visit to your doctor without a delay because it may cause a chronic harm and always avoid to ignore any allergic symptoms on your body

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