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Are you allergic to your pet? You need to know the following facts

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Pet’s allergies are known to have a very heart breaking effect for the pet lovers. Think of it that you have to stay away with something you love because it is indirectly going to harm you. How annoying!!

 In order to understand the remedies that we can apply for you to get rid of pet allergies we need to understand the reason behind the symptoms so here we go.

In any case of pets allergies there are few common allergens that should keep in mind

  • Pet’s saliva and sweat – these two body fluids are allergens which can be seen in major case for the person with pets allergies. Animals like dogs and cats lick their body which creates deposition of saliva protein over their body and when we touch them they gets stick to our body.
  • Dandruff and hairs- these two are comparatively less allergy causing allergens but still it causes a lots of problem to the person allergic to them

Therefore these were two allergens which can show their effect over human now let’s check what symptoms it may cause on our body. So they are

  • Running nose
  • Suffocation
  • Itchy tongue and the bony flat part of our mouth
  • Reddened eyes
  • Rashes on face
  • Sneezing
  • Swollen face and many more

So if whenever you come in contact with any pets and instantly experience any of the above symptoms and also this symptom lasts for a prolonged time then you may be Allergic to that animal. So here are finally some tips to protect you from these symptoms and how to cure yourself.

  • Have a test for your allergic symptoms– knowledge’s power and is the best way to protect yourself and cure. There first make it confirm that you are allergic to pets only because in many cases people with different allergens like little pollen thinking that they are allergic to their pets as these pollen got stick to their pets body and they got the above symptoms.
  • Avoid your few things for few months– its important after knowing and confirming that you are allergic to your animals you should
  1. avoid your loving your pets by hugging them or rubbing four face to their body
  2. touch them there is no problem in touching them but wash your hands and other parts which came in contact to your pets
  3. avoid carpets over the floor because allergens gets stick to it easily
  4. avoid entrance of pets in your bed room
  5. bath your animal at least twice a weak
  6. wipe your dog or cats to remove dandruff outside between baths
  • Use (HEPA filters) or high efficiency particle arrestance- these are air filters easy and cheaply available in market which can be installed in any air-conditioned or vacuum cleaner to. It attracts tiniest particles with the use of static electricity
  • Foods that can help you to empower your immune system are
  1. Mix of lime water and honey- it increases our immune system and also solves our itching and congestion problem
  2. Banana – eating banana is not only good for health but it also it has many anti allergic properties
  3. Vegetable juice- A mix of carrot, beet root and cucumber juice helps a lot in pets allergy
  • If possible avoid making pet’s Mammals- mammals as pet are cute but the human can get allergy to them only other pets from different Kingdom can also serve good and same love and that too without any allergy like  fishes, tortoise, birds and many more
  • There are Sub species of animal which less allergic – cats like blue Russian cats are considered as hypo allergic in nature which is good for the pet lovers who are allergic to them and in dog species the dwarf trait has hypo allergic than bigger one like Labradors and other species with Pluto is an exception, Pluto comes under hypo allergic categories.

  This was all about pet’s allergy. Pets are the sweetest gift we can ever get and we love them too . So if you ever get such symptoms make sure you visit immunologist who gets you and your desire for pets.

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