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11 Home Remedies That You Should Follow To Avoid Any Skin Allergy

11 home remedies that you should follow to avoid Any Skin Allergy, Dr Naren Pandey, Allergy and Asthma Center


Allergies are growing as a bigger problem in today’s world. It can be categorized as one of the most painful and stubborn symptoms that our body can ever experience.

Out of all the painful allergies the skin allergies are listed as the top most worse allergy not only because of its painful nature or give us a red skin but it also gets spread from one part of skin to another and if not taken care in time will result in skin  full of rash and unpleasant itchiness

According to a survey Most of the Skin allergy  patient gets prone to many other Syndromes as they feel uncomfortable in meeting people and People too especially in India due to lack of knowledge make a simple allergy as a communicable sickness.

Therefore to avoid such situation we have brought 11 home based remedies to avoid and cure any Skin Allergy therefore they are-:

  1. Apply the Mashes Almond Leaves extract over the affected skin directly. This is one of the most effective way to cure any kind of skin allergy as Almond leaves has the ability to lignin our skin and also contain natural Anti-Histamine which is very much beneficial for skin
  2. Apply the Aloe Vera gel directly on the effected part of skin. This plant has a very important role in Ayurveda and also in our Modern medicine. This Leaves gel contains lignin as well as siphoning enzymes which clears out the effects by removing the Allergen
  3. Avoid Coffee tea and Carbonated drinks. These drinks are beneficial and helpful in refreshing your body but have a harmful effect on our skin as it contains Caffeine and carboxylic Acid as their main constituent which deoxidizes our skin and our skin gets more prone to allergies.
  4. Apply the mixture of Lemon Juice and Rose water. This mixture is well accepted and mostly used in the case of allergy because it is very easily available in every house. This mixture contains anti histamine dose as they contain vitamin C and the Lemon juice Corrodes the allergy infected area of and rose water softens the new skin.
  5. Mixture of lemon juice , poppy seed paste and water is also one of the best solution as poppy seed contain high amount of Anti-histamine dose and lemon corrodes the top infected layer of the skin therefore the combination really works very well in any skin allergy
  6. Application of crushed Mint and drinking the juice. This particular tip works very well in sun allergy or fungal allergy as it gives cool sensation over the applied region and the histamine production gets reduced. And hence we get relief
  7. Apply the paste of Papaya seed. Paste of papaya seed in the store house of many vitamins such as Vitamin A,C,D and E these vitamin helps our immune system and helps in the reduction of histamine level
  8. Apply the Mixture of Vodka, Rose oil and rose Petals. This mixture act as an effective cleanser to our skin and easily removes our the allergens and rose oil gives us relief by reducing the histamine reaction
  9. Apply the paste of Sandal wood and rose water. This mixture is again one of the best coolant which softens our shin and reduces the histamine reaction and production due to the cooling effect
  10. Drinking of the mixture of Cider Vinegar in water. This diluted mixture of Cider Vinegar strengthen our immune system and act as an slowing catalyst to reduce the allergic effect
  11. Take more and more vitamin C foods in your Diet. Foods like Lemon, Orange, Peach, strawberries, Cherries and pears are easily available foods containing A large amount of Vitamin c consume of these foods protects us from any kind of allergy .

Therefore these were the home based Remedies easily available at our home which has a very good result in cases of skin allergies. You can also follow< 8 Skin Care Tips and Tricks for Harsh Summer> And < Don’t Hold Back Your Skin Allergy in Summer.> if you want to know more about skin allergy

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