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Inhalers and Nebulizer Good For Health?

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Asthma is one of the major problem and common Diseases that people of India face. According to a survey out of 10 people 2 people are affected by asthma. And according to WHO survey India has 10% of world’s Asthma patients. This is actually quite disturbing as we all know that Asthma is a Disease very painful to its patients because they may get suffocation attacks at any situation.

But today our concern is the inhalers and Nebulizers that people use to control their asthma and other respiratory disorders are they good for our health? To know about this we must understand what are they and what are they made of?

So Inhalers and Nebulizers contains liquid steroid as their main constitution and the work of steroid is just enter inside our lung and inflate the constricted areas and it is done by toning the Alveoli. This was the function of Inhalers and nebulizers that we take.

There for coming back to the question that is they good for health? Then the answer is yes they are not as bad as we have Myths in our mind they work upon the area specifically and allows you to breathe safely.

Now coming to the next questions that most people ask is that o they have any negative side effects?

Actually it is interesting to know that this product of science has very minimum side effects and if used correctly they do not have any side effect. Yes this is true. We all have generated a myth in our mind that inhaler has side effects like it makes Asthma incurable and we need inhalers throughout our life time if we use it once, as it is made of steroid its will make you weak but the thing is it is not true.

Though the product contains steroids in them but they do not get absorbed by the our whole body the medicine acts on the target only and comes out of our body which minims the side effects but still the side effects that are observed in our body are

  • Puffing of eyes- these symptoms are noticed at the very beginning
  • You may feel a slight headache that too at the very beginning and after that the symptoms goes off
  • You may have mucus stool when you use it for the first time

These were the only side affects you may notice. But one thing you should keep in mind while using Inhalers or nebulizer and they are

  • You should sit or stand straight while puffing the mist
  • You should always shake the solution before using it
  • You should not exhale too quickly, at least keep the breath for 5-6 seconds

If you follow these steps the medicine of inhaler and nebulizer will work perfectly and you may get relief from your asthma in future.

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